Privat Healthcare Group

The Privat healthcare group is a strong time-honored organization with the pursuit of building a comprehensive and tech-driven healthcare system. The group includes world-class hospitals including an Oncology center, multispecialty clinics, laboratories, TPA solutions and IT solutions. Our fast-growing and privately-owned healthcare system is a robust foundation where we aspire and build an infrastructure that will work to boost the advancement and performance of the healthcare industry.

Privat Healthcare Group is a long standing organization in the healthcare sector that has always dedicated itself putting Quality and Ethics at first. Our job is to help people improve their lives. Whether it is hospitalization, medication, Assistance in remote areas our commitment stays alive. With established products and professionals we try harder every minute of the day as lives are precious.

Privat Hospitals Dr. Sachdev

Privat hospital is a multi-specialty modern health care facility located in gurgaon. Privat hospital, today serves hundreds of patients with delivering 25 Years of healthcare excellence.

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Privat International Oncology Center

Privat Oncology centre is one of the most advanced, comprehensive, modern state of art medical expertise and international medical cancer care centre in multiple states in India.

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Privat International Klinik

Our clinic offers an excellent standard of care and outstanding service to the Expats, Diplomats and Embassy People to ensure efficient diagnosis and high-standard treatment of diseases.

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AMA Group

The AMA Group founded in 1970 focuses on qualitative Healthcare services and products within the healthcare industry. Our Philosophy is based on consistency and ethics.

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Travel Insurance Türkiye

AMA Sigorta specializes in Travel Insurance products with years of experience in the field of Travel Insurance services. Part of the AMA Group that operates globally with a deep knowledge built and focused around Travel insurance and travelers. We are serving over 10 million customers.

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MedinyX Technologies

Our innovative insurance & assistance software solutions help companies achieve their business goals in all insurance industry segments, such as Health, Life, Travel, Motor, and assistance with exceptional operational efficiency.

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